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Jan 23 (Aquarius)
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Hello everyone I'm Nabeela. I'm 40 years old and hail from Michigan. Mother to a wonderful son who is 19. I've been with Thomas going on 20 years now. Married finally on July 20th 2012. We have two wonderful cats as well . Mr. Kitty (RIP (10/29/15), Princess (RIP 6/7/10), & Sassy *who looks like Princess*.
Jackson, MI
Looking for:
I like to cook, bake, listen to music, watch tv & movies, work on my board, look for graphics for my board, make dolls/glitter sigs/blinkies (like the ones in my sig), play on the computer, and spend time with my family & friends.
Favorite Music:
I have been into Keith Urban's music for a while now. His music has had such an impacted on me and my goals in life. I have seen Keith in concert four times and he totally ROCKED!!
Favorite TV Shows:
CSI Criminal Minds The Voice Hell's Kitchen Teen Mom 2 Ghost Hunters *returns in June* Hardcore Pawn My Ghost Story Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives The Real Housewives of whatever T.I. & Tiny: The Family Ghost Mine Bridezillas Paranormal Witness Face Off Mob Wives Real World Full Throttle Saloon Mary Mary The Devils Ride Long Island Medium That is all I can think of now.
Favorite Movies:
The Crow Arabian Nights

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♥Golden Road♥ My Yuku Board


Hello and welcome to our lovely board Golden Road.
We hope that you enjoy yourself here and stay awhile.
We are a drama free zone here for our wonderful members.
Once you get to know us we are all like family here.
We care about each other and would do anything we can to help each other out.
All the forums are open expect for the Kitchen Table forum.
You have to apply to gain acess to this forum.
We have it this way because we do share personal information about ourselves and our families in that forum.
I hope new members do understand that and can respect it.
 So, if this is a place that looks like your style then make yourself right at home. We do ask that you please introduce yourself in our Welcome Mat forum.

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